Why Do We Love Falling in Love?

There are some people who love falling in love.  Every time you talk to them, or read about them, they’re in love with someone new.  What is it about “falling in love” that they just can’t get enough of?

According to the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, after people fall in love, they have a greater sense of self worth.  Their self-esteem gets a nice ‘love boost!’

Falling in love is a self-esteem booster!

At the beginning of a relationship, your partner notices everything great and wonderful about you.  You hear about how great your cooking is, how enticing your hair smells, and how gorgeous you look!  All of a sudden, your regular old meatloaf becomes juicy bites of yumminess!  Your same-old moisturizing conditioner wins you some tender kisses!  Your year-old faded jeans gets you a smile with a wink!  As the compliments and fun times grow, you feel better and better about yourself because he’s reminding you of some qualities that may have gone unnoticed days, months, or years before.

So, whether you’re falling in love or falling back in love…get ready for a feel good boost!

Falling in love: Prospective studies of self-concept change. Aron, Arthur; Paris, Meg; Aron, Elaine N.Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 69(6), Dec 1995, 1102-1112.

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