Talk your way to success

friendsSo are you one of those people who is always dreaming of starting your own business…maybe a cool coffee shop?  We all have heard how hard it is for new businesses to succeed.  So, what can you do to nudge your dreams into reality?

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology,

dreaming is not enough. You also have to talk about your dreams to make them come true.

The combination of dreaming and talking about your dreams is what you need to practice.  So after you’ve come up with all the details of your coffee shop, start meeting with people.  People that you trust, of course.  Meet with your friends,  meet with your parents, maybe even your accountant… Practice talking about your dreams. Tell them about the types of drinks you want to serve and maybe even the color scheme you want to use.  Describe what you see in your dreams and share your passion with those around you.

Start talking about your dreams and you’ll be on your way to success!  Your grand opening may just be a few conversations away…


The Relationship of Entrepreneurial Traits, Skill, and Motivation to Subsequent Venture Growth. Baum, J. Robert; Locke, Edwin A. Journal of Applied Psychology. 89(4), Aug 2004, 587-598.

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