Stop the Fighting!

It’s a fact.  Couples will have arguments.  When and where they occur is anyone’s guess… after work, before work, on vacation, or any other time or place that is totally inconvenient.  However, how long your fights drag out can be shortened with a little bit of preparation.  Here’s how…

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,

individuals who feel appreciated by their partner recover quickly from conflicts, whereas those who feel underappreciated tend to feel rejected and hurt for days and days.

By routinely showing appreciation for your loved one, you can shorten his recovery time after a fight and get to the apology faster.  So take the time to express your warmth and gratitude for your partner.  Whether it’s through an e-mail, a handwritten message, or a phone call, your continual displays of affection and appreciation give your partner the security and feeling of importance that will make him want to come back to you after an argument rather than hide out where guys go.

Make your relationship a loving refuge rather than an obstacle and hopefully, your next fight will end as quickly as it starts.

Once hurt, twice hurtful: How perceived regard regulates daily marital interactions. Murray, Sandra L.; Bellavia, Gina M.; Rose,Paul; Griffin, Dale W. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 84(1), Jan 2003,126-147

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