Reruns Can Make Your Preschooler Smart!

“What video do you want to watch, sweetie?”
“Elmo, mom.  Elmo!”
“But, you’ve already seen that so many times.”
(louder) “Elmo, mom.  ELMO!!!”

Before you keep trying to convince your little one to watch a different video, take a second to consider this… your child may know what he’s talking (or screaming) about!

Repeated watching of an educational video can enhance your child’s learning!

According to the Journal of Educational Psychology, replaying the same educational video time after time is far from boring for your preschooler…in fact, repeated watching of a video can enhance your child’s learning!

Repetition increases the likelihood that your child will respond to the characters in the video and interact with them.  Your child’s comprehension of the video will improve and your child will be better able to apply what he learned to other situations.  So, while you’re folding the laundry, cooking dinner, or cleaning the house…go ahead and play that Elmo video that your child adores.  Even if it’s his fifth time watching that same show this week!  Not only is it an intellect-enhancing pastime for your child, but now you have the time to tie up those loose ends around the house!

Without any guilt involved.

Effects of repeated exposures to a single episode of the television program Blue’s Clues on the viewing behaviors and comprehension of preschool children. Crawley, Alisha M.; Anderson, Daniel R.; Wilder, Alice; Williams, Marsha; Santomero, Angela

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