Need a nighttime mood boost?

woman eyes closed at computerDo you run yourself ragged throughout the day?  Well, if you’re one of many, you’re in much need of wonderful evenings!

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, work satisfaction predicts good moods after work. If you feel fulfilled at work, if you can say to yourself that you enjoy what you’re doing and you feel good about your workdays (and mean it), then you’ll be happy at home.

Find your enjoyment during your day, and happiness will find you at night.

Remember to stop once in a while, think about what you’re doing, and find your enjoyment.  Whether you just saved someone time, whether you just eased someone else’s stress, whether you just found the strength to go after your dreams…find your enjoyment and that feeling you get inside will take you throughout the day, and it will make a difference at home.

So, start now.  Take notice of the impact you’re making during your work hours, and take that good feeling with you into the night.  You work hard during the day…you deserve great nights!


  • Affect and Job Satisfaction: A Study of Their Relationship at Work and at Home. Judge, Timothy A.; Ilies, Remus Journal of Applied Psychology. 89(4), Aug 2004, 661-673.

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