Let Go of Your Grudges!

Do you have a friend whom you’ve lost touch with because of a nasty fight? Or…did you go to bed angry last night…and the night before?  Well, we’ve all been there.  We’re mad at someone we love and then we start feeling just awful inside.  Our head starts hurting, our stomach is in a knot, and we become filled with stress.  And we wonder…is there anything we can do to stop the downward spiral?

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,

Forgive those you love and you’ll boost your own satisfaction and self-esteem!

If you can collect your thoughts and make a sincere effort towards forgiveness, you’ll start feeling better because you’re taking charge.  When you forgive, you’re making peace not only on the outside, but also inside yourself.  Relieve your body and mind of unnecessary tension and start welcoming your inner peace!

So…look around your close circle of friends and family, and see who’s been missing because of an awful down-and-dirty.  Work towards forgiveness and before you know it, you’ll start feeling better about the relationship and yourself too!

When Forgiving Enhances Psychological Well-Being: The Role of Interpersonal Commitment. Karremans, J., Van Lange, P.,Ouwerkerk, J., Kluwer, E. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology May 2003 Vol. 84,A  No. 5,  1011-1026.

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