Keep your marriage hot!

couple embracingAre you dating someone you’re thinkin’ is a keeper?  Or, have you been married for a few years and you’re hoping to keep the fire burnin’?  Just what does it take to have the relationship you’ve always wanted?

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, if you and your partner respond to situations in similar ways emotionally, both of you will be happier with the relationship and you’re more likely to have a long future together!

Build your emotional connection in your relationship and you’ll be on your way to “happily ever after”

So start now…connect emotionally! Give your partner the chance to feel what you’re feeling. It’s all about expressing yourselves to each other.  The next time you’re having dinner together, add some emotion to your message.  If you’re talking about something funny that happened that day, express yourself!  Show your excitement in your face, your tone of voice, and your gestures. Good news or bad news…express how you feel.  A relationship is about celebrating life together and helping each other workthrough difficult times.

So if you want your relationship to stand the test of time, “Express yourself!”  And YES a physical connection is wonderful, but it’s the emotional fuel that will keep the flames burning for the long haul!


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