How to Find Your Mr. Right

Are you wondering where all the good guys are out there?  (Sigh.)  Where are those quality men that want true love and commitment?  (Louder sigh.)  Well, the good news  is… they ARE out there…you just need to know how to find ‘em!

According to the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, if you’re looking for a long-lasting romance, find someone who believes that relationships need to be cultivated over time.

The good guys know that it takes time for relationships to grow and flourish.

Yes, ladies, it’s time to find out what thoughts are going through his head.  Does he believe that challenges can make your bonds stronger?  A yes to this question means he won’t be running at the first sign of trouble.  (A definite plus!)  Does he feel that a solid friendship is the foundation of love?  Any guy who sees the value of friendship is definitely a step in the right direction.  Does he believe that relationships should be flexible and feelings can develop over time?  As we all know life and love are both filled with ups and downs so you definitely need a man who can adapt and be patient.  If you find a guy who shares these values, he’ll be more likely to have a long-term approach to dating and he’ll be more committed to working through future relationship hiccups.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a future of fewer sighs and a lot more love!

Implicit theories of relationships: Assessment and prediction of romantic relationship initiation, coping, and longevity. Knee, C. Raymond Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 74(2), Feb 1998, 360-370

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