Help your kids tackle their stress

child stressedA typical school day seems like it shouldn’t be too stressful, but ever really wonder what kids go through?  Grades, bullies, crushes  …yes, these are  pressures that children of many ages deal with on a day-to-day basis.    So…what can you do to help?

Well, according to the Journal of Family Psychology,

your kids will have a future of less stress if you show them support and comfort.

Help them reason through their problem and come up with possible solutions.  If your son is having trouble finding time to study for his upcoming math final, come up with a plan together.  Find out from him what he needs to review and talk with him about when he can fit in some study time during the week.  This is your chance to teach your children how to work through a problem while they’re young.  As a result, they’ll will be equipped to tackle and reduce stress as the years go on.

So, get ready to comfort and support your kids the next time they have something on their minds…it’s a lesson that will last a lifetime!


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