Help your kids make lemonade out of lemons

kids happy field“Mom, my computer keeps crashing!”
“My sweater has a stain in it and I need it for tomorrow!”
“I don’t understand my homework.”

Does this house of drama sound like a typical evening in your home? Are there days when all you hear is fretting over problem after problem after problem?

Says the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology,

teach your children to view problems as opportunities for growth (instead of opportunities for downfall) and they’ll have a future of less stress.

Teach your children to see problems as challenges!  Use this opportunity to guide them towards growth!  If it’s a computer problem that needs solving, give your child confidence that he can pinpoint possible solutions.  Help him do some research online and let him see that what was once a seemingly impossible task, has now become something manageable. If your daughter collects stains like some collect stamps…teach her the magic of stain removers.  Show her how to remove a stain and she will no longer fret after her next clumsy moment!  And homework…yes, a typical problem for children of all ages.  Remind your child that the beauty of homework is that he doesn’t have to rely on his brain alone…he can use his book!  Empower your child to be the best detective he can be as he searches for the solution to his homework problems.

Teach your children to view problems as manageable and as an opportunity to grow.  By showing them how to tackle problems today, you are instilling in them the confidence and ability to handle any curve balls that life happens to throw their way tomorrow!


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