Got work ruts?

woman biting computerHave you ever had those work days when things were just “off?”  You set aside an hour to catch up on phone calls, but instead, you’re now going on two hours.  You need to respond to some emails, but you just can’t find the energy to start.  You have a stack of papers to go through and absolutely nothing is energizing you. Sound way too familiar?

Says the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology,

the happier you feel about your life, the better your job performance.

Our lives are full of ups and downs…and surprise, surprise…our jobs are only one fraction of our lives.  So, when something isn’t going right in one part of your life, of course it’s going to impact the other parts of your life.  So, if you’re feeling unhappy, or if you’re restless, or maybe you’re feeling uneasy about something…give yourself a break.  Focus on a part of your life that you ARE excited about and gets your heart pumping.  Your kids, your amazing husband, or your great group of girlfriends. And, once you’re feeling re-energized, your work days will reflect your rejuvenation too!

Here’s to brighter days ahead!

Psychological well-being and job satisfaction as predictors of job performance. By Wright, Thomas A.; Cropanzano, Russell Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 5(1), Jan 2000, 84-94.

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