Got stress?

stressedEver start off the day with so many things to do and no idea where to start? You need to go to the grocery store, get a birthday gift, review your child’s book report, get an oil change…and that’s just the beginning. Whatever happened to leisurely weekends?

If you’re nodding your head, we’ve got some answers for you. Says the Journal of Applied Psychology: Focus, Follow through, and be Flexible.  Focus on your musts-the things you really need to get done today. So, get a pad of paper out and start prioritizing.  And by the way, that blue smoke coming out of your exhaust is a sure sign that the oil change belongs near the top of the list!

Want smoother days with less stress? Focus, Follow through, and Be Flexible!

Then, Follow through by finding out where you need to go and what you need to do when you get there.  This means digging the coupons out and mapquesting those directions.

And then, be Flexible, because we all know that things don’t always happen as we plan.  So, plan for the “what ifs” so that if and when that “what if” happens, you are armed and ready!  This means that you have the book report handy just in case the oil change takes longer than expected.  Your minutes are well spent and your stress level stays under control.  Just what we wanted!

So, if you’re hoping for smoother days filled with less stress (at work and at home), make room for these three Fs at the top of your list.  These are “To Dos” that you definitely want to squeeze in and check off!


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