Get your ticket to happiness!

happyEver think that life would be so much better if only you won the lottery? That would be the ticket to start off every happy day…right?  Well…

…almost.  It depends on how you spend it, says the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology.

People report being happier with experiences they’ve had in life (think vacation trips and afternoons at that park) versus the things they’ve bought (think shopping bags and piles of receipts).

So, the next time you find yourself with some extra cash in your lap…go ahead and start searchin’ those deals for a nice trip to the Bahamas. Or actually…a staycation will also do just fine.  Remember… your ticket to happiness is all about the experience.

Here’s to building those lasting memories!


  • To Do or to Have? That Is the Question. Van Boven, Leaf; Gilovich, Thomas. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 85(6), Dec 2003, 1193-1202.

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