Get in Control

During our workday, life has a way of throwing us some curve balls.  Whether its having to deal with an angry customer, being late to work because of a flat tire, or finding out the promotion you’ve been working towards is being postponed.  We often take it personally and then spend the entire workday worrying and complaining to our colleagues about how life isn’t fair.   All the while, we get further behind only to cause more stress and worry further down the line.  Well, its time to break fate’s grip on you and take back your life!

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology,

you can regain and even boost your work productivity by accepting what you can’t control

So take the disgruntled customer, the flat tire, the ill-fated promotion, and any other unforeseen events and accept them as they are: uncontrollable.  Stop wasting your valuable time and energy worrying about the things you can’t do anything about.  Instead, focus your energy on the parts of your workday that you can control…  and you (and your boss) will be surprised at how much more you accomplish at the office!

So get in the driver’s seat of your life and stay clear of those roadblocks that come your way!

The Role of Acceptance and Job Control in Mental Health, Job Satisfaction, and Work Performance. By Bond, Frank W.; Bunce,  David Journal of Applied Psychology. 88(6), Dec 2003, 1057-1067.

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