End those sibling fights

siblings“Mom, Johnny hit me!”
“She started it.”
“No, I didn’t.  You did!”

Siblings.  Sometimes they act like the best of friends…and then, there are those days when they fill the air with yelling, complaining, and down-and-dirty fighting.  You wonder…when will the day come that they’ll be able to resolve their own disagreements?

According to the Journal of Family Psychology,

mothers’ use of mediation when resolving children’s disagreements encourages children to generate their own solutions.

Yes, mediation does require you to intervene…but as a guide, not a punisher.  As a guide, you will help your children empathize with their sibling, you’ll ask them to clarify their wants, and you’ll have them make their own decisions on how the disagreement should end.  Walk them through this process and they’ll start opening up about their feelings and reasoning through the dispute themselves…which all adds up to better communication between your kids.

And…better communication means less yelling and more peace and quiet for you!  Mission accomplished.


  • Mediation as a Method of Parent Intervention in Children’s Disputes. By Siddiqui, Afshan; Ross, Hildy Journal of Family Psychology. 18(1), Mar 2004, 147-159.

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