Avoid your next diet disaster

dietSo far so good. You’ve stopped your visits to the vending machines and you’ve started carrying around your own collection of healthy snacks. The pounds are dropping and you finally feel you’re looking pretty good!  So that you can continue on your dieting success, we want to warn you of a common pitfall.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, when people get upset, they start indulging in unhealthy behaviors because they think they’re going to feel better afterwards.  It’s a common thought.  We believe that indulging
ourselves will boost our mood!

Avoid turning to food to boost your mood!

But, all of the chocolate bars, cheesecake, and ice cream in the world won’t cure your blues.  Sure, you may feel a burst of energy from all of the sugar, but your burst of energy won’t last.  And…you’ll still feel the same way you felt before you ate all of those hip-hugging calories.

So in times of dieting weakness, remind yourself that food is not part of your path to happiness.  Instead of turning to food, call up your friends and family.  You’ll get a mood boost and you’ll stay on your path to dieting success!


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